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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just come anytime?

     Yes please do!! Come anytime we are open and you can paint pottery or canvas!


Do we need a reservation?

    You never need a reservation to come and create at the studio. That being said, we do recommend a reservation for groups of 6 or more people to guarantee you'll have a spot especially on the weekends.


How much does it cost?


    We are all inclusive in our pricing therefore you do not pay extra for anything when you come to the studio. The price you see on the shelf is what you will pay plus GST. We have pieces ranging from $14 and up. It all depends on what you choose to create.


How long does it take to get my pieces back?

    Your pieces are guaranteed to be ready within 7-10 days unless we tell you otherwise. There are times of the year that we are busier than others but we will communicate that to you PRIOR to you creating.

Do you ship?

    We do not ship pieces at this time. As you know pottery is very fragile and does not travel well.

Can we bring food or drinks to the studio?

    You can bring drinks into the studio however food and ceramics do NOT mix well. Any food residue that lands on ceramics acts as a repellent for the glaze. You can bring food in when you rent the private room for your event.

Do you do custom design work?

   Yes we do! We can do custom pottery painting or custom made clay pieces glazed or non-glazed. We have a custom order form and fees that go along with that but we'd be happy to give you a cost estimate for your project anytime!