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Enroll your child in our after school program to give them to opportunity to learn and grow in their artistic journey.

When we first started talking about opening our art studio, the basis was really to provide a space for children who are the artists and dreamers of the world to be able to freely create! It has since grown into a space for all ages to create and let go of their inhibitions about not being creative!

Creative Minds was the first aspect of our business that we created. We knew we wanted a space for artistic children to come and create.

Our program is designed to allow your child to explore various different artistic mediums in hopes of them finding one that they truly love and are inspired by. Typically in our programs we will do clay hand building, acrylic canvas painting, water colour painting, chalk work, sketching and pottery painting and techniques.

We offer 3 different age groups to allow the children to be surrounded by their peers and gear the projects to their abilities.

Creative Minds Jr - Runs for 1 Hour with 2 time options per week - Ages 5-8

Creative Minds Sr - Runs for 1 Hour with 2 time options per week - Ages 9-12

Creative Teens - Runs for 2 hours with 2 time options per week - Ages 12+ 

Our sessions typically run for 7 or 8 weeks depending on the school calendars for the year. We run 3 sessions throughout the year that run in line with the school year.